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Legislative Drafting Course

4 Day Online Legislative Drafting Course

Legislative Drafting is the skill of a legislative Drafter who is a lawyer trained in the discipline of mastering the use of words and knowledge to effectively communicate policies and intentions into simple, clear and intelligible laws, and analyzing the future to produce workable and realistic solutions which will develop society.“Poor and incomplete legislative drafting produces litigation and chaos and undermines the rule of law”This course in Drafting Legislation and Constitution offers a unique opportunity to drafters,legal officers, policymakers and those interested in the process of lawmaking and in drafting to study the legislative environment and legislation as a tool for regulation.

Suveeksha Eduskills Limited is an Edutech company that aims at developing indigenous platform for online education. It envisages provision of educational content that is contextualised to Indian needs and opportunities. It contemplates the development of content by engaging leading Indian academics and professionals.

The current online content platforms are often constraint by the fact that the majority of their courses have been developed in US and Europe. So barring the technical courses, most other courses, especially in humanities, management, law, commerce and education are not suitably adapted to the Indian job market and development needs. Suveeksha plans to plug this gap and work on developing online courses suited to the Indian context.

To realise its stated goal, Suveeksha has developed its in-house Learning Management System and production capabilities. It is also in the process of tying up with several institutions and professionals for development of the desired content.