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Practice of International Arbitration

Course ID
10 Weeks
Course Director
Sonali Mathur (Partner, AZB & Partners)
Start Date
15th June, 2021
Course Coordinator
Chaitali Wadhwa
Fee Structure
INR 40000/- (Includes INR 1000/- Registration)
No. of Seats Available

Understand the legal framework of arbitration law, to identify issues & undertake matters while functioning as a practical and proficient arbitration practitioner/ arbitrator.

This certificate course is curated for law professionals and law students, for a comprehensive understanding of Arbitration Law in India and in International practices. It is a ten-week online course, delivered via 60 hours of synchronous classes, webinars and interactive sessions.

The course is designed to take you through the structure of the International arbitration framework with a focus on India and with a comparative analysis of the legislative and procedural framework as seen in an international setting. The course will help you to understand and provide practical guidance on the conduct of the arbitral process, particularly with the use of technology in virtual arbitrations. The participants will also be introduced to hot topics in an international arbitration involving emergency arbitrators, third party funding, valuation/ damages expert evidence as well as an introduction to the world of investment treaty arbitrations and their impact on India.

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding the legal framework of arbitration law in India, including concepts of seat/ venue of arbitration
  • Drafting robust arbitration agreements and navigate through challenging issues in domestic and international commercial arbitrations
  • Conducting efficient and cost-effective arbitral process as per international best practices
  • Identifying issues and undertaking matters while functioning as a practical and proficient arbitration practitioner/ arbitrator
Time Place Days Date Range Webinar
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Online 3 days a week 15th June, 2021 – 21st August, 2021 June, 2021

The Certificate Course in Practice of International Arbitration is offered in collaboration with Bar & Bench. It brings together the experience and knowledge of leading professionals like Nakul Dewan-Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Sharan Jagtiani-Senior Advocate, Bombay High Court, Sheila Ahuja-Partner, Allen & Overy, Rajendra Barot-Senior Partner, AZB & Partners, Promod Nair-Founding Partner, Arista Chambers, Shreyas Jayasimha- Founding Partner, Aarna Law, Shashank Garg-Partner, Advani & Co and Moazzam Khan-Head-Global Litigation, Nishith Desai Associates. The course is curated by Sonali Mathur-Partner, AZB & Partners.

Distinguishing Features

100% Online Course

Shareable certificate

Synchronous Sessions

Workshop Format

Course videos and Readings

Practical quizzes

Intermediate level

Course structure and modules

The course in structured in ten modules, spread over ten weeks:


Commencement of Disputes

Appointment of Arbitrator/s

Seeking Interim Reliefs from Court Tribunal

Conducting the Arbitral Process with the International best practices

Practical Guidance on Evidence and Cross Examination

Challenging an Arbitration Award

Enforcement of Award and Asset Tracing

Investment Treaty Arbitration and Impact on India

Analyzing and Assessment

How you study

This course by Suveeksha Eduskills & Bar and Bench is designed for the online mode of learning. The students will enroll on and will be issued a login username and password after the receipt of prescribed fee.

The course shall be conducted over a period of ten weeks. There shall be three synchronous classes every week. Each class shall be of two hours duration, of which one and half hours is the interactive teaching -learning session with the teacher and the last half hour is for any clarifications, problem solving and assessments.

All synchronous classes will be recorded and will be available to the student for a period of six months from the date of enrollment.

The students will be provided study material by Suveeksha Eduskills. Following tools and techniques will be employed for teaching, analytical probe and assessment during the course.

RSQC2 (Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect and Comment)

Case Studies

Case Law

Focused Listening

Muddiest Point

Think – Pair – Share

Misconception and Preconception Check

Panel Discussion

Mental Status Questionnaire (MSQ)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Concept Mapping

Background Knowledge Probe

Problem Recognition Tasks

Directed Paraphrasing

Process Analysis

Project Work


Learn from Experts

Suveeksha Eduskills aims at providing opportunity to its students to learn from the legends in relevant field. The students can interact with them in webinars, in class and also in hybrid meetings with options to attend either physically or virtually.

This course brings the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the following stalwarts in the area of international arbitration law:


Nakul Dewan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Sharan Jagtiani, Senior Advocate, Bombay High Court 

Sheila Ahuja, Partner, Allen & Overy

Sonali Mathur (Course Director), Partner, AZB & Partners 

Promod Nair, Founding Partner, Arista Chamber

Shreyas Jayasimha, Founding Partner, Aarna Law

Rajendra Barot, Senior Partner, AZB & Partners

Shashank Garg, Partner, Advani & Co.

Moazzam Khan, Head-Global Litigation, Nishith Desai Associates

Chaitali Wadhwa (Course Coordinator), Research Associate, Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University 

Guest Speakers

Quentin Pak,  Director, Burford Capital

Montek Mayal, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Become a Suveeksha Ambassador

Suveeksha ambassador shall be entitled to a fee amounting to 5% of the total value of the courses availed by students, who enroll using the unique coupon code allotted to the ambassador, subject to a referral of a minimum of four admissions in a course. The Suveeksha Ambassador shall additionally be entitled to enroll in a course for free, subject to a referral of a minimum of five admissions in a course.

Faculty Profile

Nakul Dewan

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Sonali Mathur

Course Director

Partner, AZB & Partners

Rajendra Barot

Senior Partner, AZB & Partners

Chaitali Wadhwa

Course Coordinator

Research Associate, Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University

Sharan Jagtiani

Senior Advocate, Bombay High Court

Promod Nair

Founding Partner, Arista Chambers

Shashank Garg

Partner, Advani & Co.

Sheila Ahuja

Partner, Allen & Overy

Shreyas Jayasimha

Founding Partner, Aarna Law

Moazzam Khan

Head-Global Litigation, Nishith Desai Associates

Guest Speakers

Quentin Pak

Director, Burford Capital

Montek Mayal

Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting