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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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This course is curated for school children, college students,  developers aspiring AI engineers, as well as analytics managers, information architects, analytics professionals and graduates looking to build a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This course is a collaborative effort of Suveeksha Eduskills in partnership with Manav Rachna University which has designed various modules of Artificial Intelligence in English and Hindi.

There are hardly any platforms which cater to a course in AI in Hindi which will stand to gain students coming from the Hindi speaking belt.

The introduction to AI will give you an exposure to Artificial Intelligence concepts and workflows, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Performance Metrics. You can gain a substantive knowledge of the difference between supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. The course will give you an exposure on cases and will help you navigate clustering and classification algorithms which will help you identify AI business Applications

Course Outcomes

  • You will have knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence including Search, Game Playing.
  • As far as Practical skills are concerned, you should be able to use a well-known declarative language (Prolog) and to construct simple AI system.
  • The Foundation of AI Psychology.
  • Search includes Game Playing - Representing Knowledge and Reasoning with it. Planning, Learning, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems, Interacting with the Environment (e.g. Vision, Speech, Recognition, Robotics).

Artificial Intelligence is  actively growing and changing the world around you. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of modern AI as well as some of the representative applications of AI. The course also aims to excite you about the numerous applications and huge possibilities in the field of AI, which continues to expand human capability beyond our imagination.

Distinguishing Features

100% Online Course

Course videos and Readings

Practical quizzes

Intermediate level

Course structure and modules

The course in structured as:

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence on Value Chain

Basic Concepts of Data and Data Sets

Data Types Available and Difference between Data and Information

Storage System

Data Cleaning

Data is Power (Statistics Module-1)

Descriptive Statistics (Statistics Module-2)


How you study

This course by Suveeksha Eduskills & Bar and Bench is designed for the online mode of learning. The students will enroll on and will be issued a login username and password after the receipt of prescribed fee.

The course shall be conducted over a period of ten weeks. There shall be three synchronous classes every week. Each class shall be of two hours duration, of which one and half hours is the interactive teaching -learning session with the teacher and the last half hour is for any clarifications, problem solving and assessments.

All synchronous classes will be recorded and will be available to the student for a period of six months from the date of enrollment.

The students will be provided study material by Suveeksha Eduskills. Following tools and techniques will be employed for teaching, analytical probe and assessment during the course.

RSQC2 (Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect and Comment)

Case Studies

Case Law

Focused Listening

Muddiest Point

Think – Pair – Share

Misconception and Preconception Check

Panel Discussion

Mental Status Questionnaire (MSQ)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Concept Mapping

Background Knowledge Probe

Problem Recognition Tasks

Directed Paraphrasing

Process Analysis

Project Work


Learn from Experts

Suveeksha Eduskills aims at providing opportunity to its students to learn from the legends in relevant field. The students can interact with them in webinars, in class and also in hybrid meetings with options to attend either physically or virtually.

This course brings the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the following stalwarts in the area of artificial intelligence:


Parneeta Dhaliwal, Associate Professor, CST Department, Manav Rachna University

Poonam Nandal, Associate Professor, CST Department, Manav Rachna University 

Mrinal Pandey, Associate Professor, CST Department, Manav Rachna University

Rashmi Agrawal, Associate Professor, CST Department, Manav Rachna University

Manpreet Kaur


Become a Suveeksha Ambassador

Suveeksha ambassador shall be entitled to a fee amounting to 5% of the total value of the courses availed by students, who enroll using the unique coupon code allotted to the ambassador, subject to a referral of a minimum of four admissions in a course. The Suveeksha Ambassador shall additionally be entitled to enroll in a course for free, subject to a referral of a minimum of five admissions in a course.