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Management of Family Owned Business

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This certificate course is specially designed for young professionals and entrepreneurs, from the second and third generations of entrepreneurs. The aim of the course is to groom and develop these students into successful business professionals, so as to carry forward the success of their family business.

The course is a collaborative effort of Suveeksha Eduskills, Manav Rachna & ASSOCHAM. It is a six- month online course, delivered via synchronous classes, webinars and interactive sessions.

The course is designed to take the participants through the basic requirements of business and entrepreneurship, such as new venture creation, taxation, and e commerce, further developing into an advanced course including details such as the role of banks and financial institutions, export-import management, leadership, mindfulness and cross cultural management.

Course Outcomes
  • Understanding and appreciating the concept of family owned business in India
  • Develop competencies in applying policy framework and legal nuances to the business scenario
  • Develop as ethical business professionals, being mindful of each-other’s individual differences
  • Contribute to business growth through latest techniques for business data analytics and digital platforms

The course envisages to provide a learning platform to young entrepreneurs with a family business background. One of the highlights of the course is the customized counseling sessions. The course will commence with psychometric profiling & transactional analysis, based on which participants shall be provided projects for group work.

Focus will be on developing the design thinking approach for problem solving, a also on developing executive presence as the essence of personality development. Participants will be aligned with industry oriented coaches for in depth mentoring.

The course shall be delivered through resource persons from academia and industry. While core knowledge shall be shared by academicians/ professionals, industry experts shall share their experiences, and invited industrialists shall be invited to share their story.

Distinguishing Features

100% Online Course

Shareable certificate

Synchronous Sessions

Workshop Format

Course videos and Readings

Practical quizzes

Intermediate level

Course structure and modules


Basic Course

Advanced Course

  • Concept of Family-Owned Business: Past, Present and Future
  • New Venture Creation/ Business Plan Development
  • Basics of Finance, Taxation and Policy Frameworks
  • Website, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  • Ethics & Local Value Systems (Arm’s Length Principle)
  • Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Environment, Society & Governance
  • Role of Banks and Financial Institutions
  • EXIM Management
  • Leveraging Big Data and Analytics
  • Dealing with Publicity and Media
  • Building Mindfulness & Cross-Cultural Management
  • Leadership Delegation and Team Building
  • Employment/Labour Codes
  • Managing Institutional Investment & Investor Relation

How you study

This course by Suveeksha Eduskills & Bar and Bench is designed for the online mode of learning. The students will enroll on and will be issued a login username and password after the receipt of prescribed fee.

The course shall be conducted over a period of ten weeks. There shall be three synchronous classes every week. Each class shall be of two hours duration, of which one and half hours is the interactive teaching -learning session with the teacher and the last half hour is for any clarifications, problem solving and assessments.

All synchronous classes will be recorded and will be available to the student for a period of six months from the date of enrollment.

The students will be provided study material by Suveeksha Eduskills. Following tools and techniques will be employed for teaching, analytical probe and assessment during the course.

RSQC2 (Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect and Comment)

Case Studies

Case Law

Focused Listening

Muddiest Point

Think – Pair – Share

Misconception and Preconception Check

Panel Discussion

Mental Status Questionnaire (MSQ)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Concept Mapping

Background Knowledge Probe

Problem Recognition Tasks

Directed Paraphrasing

Process Analysis

Project Work


Learn from Experts

Suveeksha Eduskills aims at providing opportunity to its students to learn from the legends in relevant field. The students can interact with them in webinars, in class and also in hybrid meetings with options to attend either physically or virtually.

List One

1. Vijay Shekhar
2. Charan Singh
3. Lakhani
4. Nanda Escorts
5. Anand Mahendra
6. Amit Burman
7. Ashish Chauhan
9. Naveen Munjal

List Two

1. Concept of Family Owned Business
        1.1. Lakhani
        1.2. Escorts
        1.3. Hero

2. New Venture Creation
       2.1. Sanjay Kapoor, India Accelerator
      2.2. Harsh Chopra, Partner4Growth

3. Basics of Finance Taxation
     3.1. Vijay Sachdeva
     3.2. Rahul Sundaram
     3.3. Shashank

4. Digital Marketing
    4.1. Siddharth Mazumdar
    4.2. P Balaji,Vodaphone
    4.3. Subrata Mitra, Ericsson

5. Ethics
    5.1. Rajeev Kapoor
    5.2. Nirmal Minda
    5.3. Sunandan Kapoor

6. Crisis Management
    6.1. Siddiqui
    6.2. Sanjay Labru

7. Environment
   7.1. Pankaj R Dharkar
   7.2. Teri

8. Role of Banks
   8.1. Ramesh Aiyar
   8.2. Arun Mehta

9. Exim Management
   9.1. Paul V. Janson
   9.2. TCIL

10. Big Data
  10.1. Big Data                                                                                                                                                                    10.2. Dell
  10.3. Assocham Sector

11. Publicity and Media
  11.1. Dilip Cherian
  11.2. Gaurav Sinha, Audi

12. Cross Cultural Management
  12.1. Rajeev Kapoor

13. Leadership Delegation
  13.1. From SMB

14. Employment and Labour Codes
  14.1. Bureaucrat/ Lawyer
  14.2. Rajeev Kapoor

15. Institutional Investment
   15.1. Preeti Malhotra
   15.2. Abhay Soi 


Become a Suveeksha Ambassador

Suveeksha ambassador shall be entitled to a fee amounting to 5% of the total value of the courses availed by students, who enroll using the unique coupon code allotted to the ambassador, subject to a referral of a minimum of four admissions in a course. The Suveeksha Ambassador shall additionally be entitled to enroll in a course for free, subject to a referral of a minimum of five admissions in a course.