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The Course on the Practice of International Arbitration kickstarted with an interactive session among the speakers and participants. The Course Coordinator, Chaitali Wadhwa, introduced the resource persons for the day – Sonali Mathur and Shashank Garg.  The participants were ecstatic to interact with a surprise guest – Honorable Justice Pradeep Nandrajog, who highlighted the key issues lying in the sphere of Arbitration. He addressed the need to resolve the long-standing conflict between Seat and Venue, and asked the participants to analyze whether all subject matters can be covered under arbitration or not. He also encouraged the participants, who are practicing lawyers, to look into the jurisprudence and the philosophy behind the jurisprudence in matters of such grey areas. 
Guest Speaker, Justice Nandrajog’s inaugural speech was followed by an overview of the course by Sonali Mathur. After a round of introductions amongst the participants, Sonali Mathur started the discussion on Place of Arbitration by conducting a poll. She discussed the conflict of Seat and Place, with the help of some landmark judgements. She also guided participants through a bare reading of provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, including the Index, and the important aspects Part I and II.

Guest Speaker

Justice Pradeep Nandrajog

Retired as Chief Justice from Bombay High Court


Resource Persons

Sonali Mathur

Course Director

Partner, AZB & Partners


Chaitali Wadhwa

Course Coordinator

Research Associate, Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University