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Registration Form: Comparative Competition Law

Comparative Competition Law Course Fee: Rs 30,000/-

Registration Fee: Rs 1,000/- ( Adjusted towards Course Fees)

Upon Successful Completion of the Course Requirements,  Panel Discussion and Final assessment, a Certificate would be issued.


Refund Policy

Suveeksha EduSkills Refund Policy

1. Suveeksha Eduskills assures full refund of the Registration Fee, if the refund is requested within 48 hours and at least four days before the start of the course. The request for a refund must mention a reason for the purpose of the record.

2. Suveeksha Eduskills permits a refund of 90% of the Admission Fee upto four days before the start of the course. If the refund is requested within the last four days of the start of the course, 50 % fee will be refunded. No fee will be refunded once the course has started.

3. In case of medical emergency like Covid, Suveeksha Eduskills would refund the full fee before 24 hours of the start of the programme. If such a situation occurs after the start of the programme, the fee deposited will be credited to the Suveeksha account of the student, which can be used for any available course or batch, as per the choice of the student.