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Arbitration procedures to avoid delay, excessive costs, and guerilla tactics

Speaker, Sheila Ahuja kickstarted the session with a poll talking about the primary reason behind the inefficiencies in the Arbitration Procedure. The discussion went on to the objectives of the Arbitral Procedure like neutrality, fairness, flexibility and efficiency and later elaborated the Arbitration Timeline. She discussed the ways to reduce costs at the stage of drafting the Arbitration Agreement and then further emphasized on the Document-only procedure, in which the tribunal bases their determination entirely on written submissions.

Later, the speaker discussed the expedited procedures that are opted/applicable only below the threshold value. She talked about the benefits and pitfalls of joinder and consolidation. While talking about guerrilla tactics, the speaker talked about the factors to consider when selecting a tribunal. She concluded the session by addressing frivolous Arbitrator challenges, the grounds for challenge, and the different types of Hearings.

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Sheila Ahuja

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