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Execution of the award and asset tracing

Sonali Mathur began the session by reviewing the facts and judgement in Vijay Karia v.Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi SRL 1 to clarify the meaning of Sections 34 and 48 of the Arbitration Act, and cited Banyan Tree Growth Capital LLC vs. Axiom Cordages Limited 2 for more information.

Ms. Mathur spoke about the facts and ruling in the recent and well-known case of Amazon vs. Future Detail. She also discussed the enforcement of Emergency Arbitration Orders. Soumit Nikhra, Senior Partner at AZB Partners, continued the discussion by discussing asset tracing in India. He began by going over the various scenarios for Asset Tracing. Mr. Nikhra went over the general methodology for tracing assets in India in great detail. Mr. Nikhra then spoke about when Asset tracing can be done and what challenges can be encountered when doing so. He emphasised the wide range of services offered by forensic professionals.


Sonali Mathur