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Commencement of a dispute in ad-hoc vs. institutional arbitration – Preparatory Steps

Speaker, Sonali Mathur kickstarted the session by explaining the rules of SIAC in brief. She emphasized a checklist that everyone must adhere to before sending the Arbitration Notice to the other party. She further added that the reason behind why International Arbitration is successful is because Arbitration is thinking through the entire process first and further asking the right question from your party is important.
While concluding the session, Sonali Mathur showed her audience two templates consisting of a notice and reply to the notice and explained how we are supposed to write the information relating to the parties first and then the contract they share in the Arbitration Notice. She went on to discuss the reply to the Notice and suggested the participants to include heads like Challenging the Jurisdiction, Counter Claims etc and also encouraged everyone not to mention the Arbitration Agreement in the reply in case that is already mentioned by the Claimant in his notice.


Sonali Mathur

Partner, AZB & Partners