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Cartels in India – Analyzing Landmark Cases

In this session, Avinash Sharma throws light on the process of inquiry adopted by the CCI under the Competition Act, 2002. A detailed insight is provided into the procedural nuances involved vis-à-vis the inquiry process of CCI. Through the course of this session, an in-depth analysis is also done of the concept of Cartels under the Competition Law. Thorough discussions are held with the aim of providing the audience acuity in matters of the concept of the cartel, conditions that are conducive for the development of cartels, and its impact on competition in the market. 
The session also takes the audience through the stratagem and approach taken by the CCI in handling cases where cartels are alleged to be in existence and also the manner in which evidence is collected in these cases. The different facets of Cartels are explained thoroughly with reference to real-life examples and case laws in order to bring clarity and coherence to the various facets of Competition Law with regard to Horizontal Agreements and Cartels.


Avinash Sharma